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As portion of the brand new security attributes LinkedIn released in September 2014 you can now get your archive. The data that is open to you includes:
Account information:

LinkedIn Sign
Enrollment information
Accounts history including report closes and reopens

Other advice:

Name info such as the existing name on any previous name changes and your account
A listing of your 1st degree links
Photos which have been uploaded to your report
Sanctions you have received
List of abilities on your own profile
Recommendations received and given
Group contributions
Your search history
Content you've shared posted, enjoyed, or remarked on
Cellular apps you've installed
Advertisements you have clicked on
The targeting standards LinkedIn uses to show you ads


You might be susceptible to additional infractions you don't know about without getting an archive of your LinkedIn accounts. You might have been posting in by acquiring an archive you know whether you are in need of a password change and you can even discover any disparities in groups or searches.


The Archive is a fantastic security feature as it contains a thorough report enabling you to see if your account has been broken and whether you should alter your password. It can also be used as a way to remind you where you really have been targeting company, who you have already been speaking to and what groups you are in.

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